The Fog of Communication

When you assume things, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. I learned that saying at a summer camp when I was barely a teenager. It has stuck with me ever since. Nowhere is its truth more apparent than with the art and practice of communication. Making assumptions about what should or shouldn’t … Continue reading The Fog of Communication

What’s Your Lingua Franca?

As I contemplated this question, I was transported back in time to a high school Algebra class and a different question. My Algebra teacher was projecting a graph of the exponential function y = ex. At a time well before the advent of personal computers and laptops, he hand-drew the graph on an 8.5” x … Continue reading What’s Your Lingua Franca?

The Day I Lost My Sh*t

“There is no truth. There is only perception.” Gustave Flaubert. There’s a Netflix series called “The Fosters”. A family drama about a lesbian couple raising one biological and four adopted children. One morning, I was reflecting on a recent emotionally charged experience during which I lost my cool. It reminded me of a scene from … Continue reading The Day I Lost My Sh*t

How I Survived (barely) The Perfect Storm

I’m slow. She’s fast. I’m the epitome of waiting until... wait for it... ... ... the last responsible moment. Sometimes hard to tell if it’s patience or simply an excuse for procrastination. I’d like to think the former. She would say the latter. She was a champion gopher smasher. A whack-a-moler par excellence. Striking at … Continue reading How I Survived (barely) The Perfect Storm

Is There Such a Thing as Over-Communicating?

“No fire fighter ever got criticized for using too much water” – Stephen Poloz. Like the tree that falls in the forest when nobody is around to hear it, if we speak into our microphones while we’re teleworking from home and nobody responds, did we actually say anything? Or, were we just on mute? 🤐 … Continue reading Is There Such a Thing as Over-Communicating?