Once More With Feeling

What separates a great performance from an average, ho-hum performance? In a word - “feeling”. Do you feel me? This is true whether you’re watching a virtuoso musical performance or a game of hockey. You can literally feel what the great performers are feeling as they crescendo their craft. Tears flowing down the cheek of … Continue reading Once More With Feeling

Core Hours

One of the first practices an Agile Scrum team agrees upon is when they will work together. The time and duration each day, they will interact, collaborate and inspire each other on the team’s backlog of work and its common goals. This includes participating in team meetings, pair programming or simply being available and accessible … Continue reading Core Hours

Why I Hit the Pause Button

Anna: “But, I thought I was going to learn first?”Dorothée: “Practice beats theory” From the movie, Anna (2019) Most car accidents happen within five minutes of home. In fact, a 2001 survey of 11,000 drivers by Progressive Insurance revealed that 52% occurred within a 5 mile radius and 77% occurred within a 15 mile radius. … Continue reading Why I Hit the Pause Button

You Want Me To Do What?!?

I grew up in a working-class neighbourhood. As a teenager, I took any and all opportunities to make a little spending money. I wasn’t picky about the job. It was either that or shoplift the things I longed for. After being escorted home in a police cruiser following a failed attempt by my brother and … Continue reading You Want Me To Do What?!?

Let’s Fit a Round Peg Into a Square Hole

“We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”(The Borg from Star Trek) The Dollarama button batteries didn’t fit. I didn’t even try. One look and I could tell. The diameter and voltage matched but wrong thickness. I was hoping for a cheap replacement battery for my dual powered calculator but alas, I’ll … Continue reading Let’s Fit a Round Peg Into a Square Hole

What’s Your Lingua Franca?

As I contemplated this question, I was transported back in time to a high school Algebra class and a different question. My Algebra teacher was projecting a graph of the exponential function y = ex. At a time well before the advent of personal computers and laptops, he hand-drew the graph on an 8.5” x … Continue reading What’s Your Lingua Franca?

What Has The Agile Manifesto Uncovered For Me?

One of my favourite pieces of art in my house is a photograph of a lighthouse being pummeled by a raging storm off the coast of Brittany. Like a fist of defiance jutting straight out of the water, it endures the pelting waves, spray and froth effortlessly, stoically. And more than that, it is a … Continue reading What Has The Agile Manifesto Uncovered For Me?

A Good Time to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

There’s an old English proverb that I had always taken for granted. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” In my experience, this had always been a universal truth because people I've met the world over aren’t much different from each other when it comes to resisting change. The older I got, the more … Continue reading A Good Time to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

How I Cleared My Writer’s Block

As I started to think about this post, I developed “Writer’s block”. In the hopes of clearing myself of this condition, I decided to start with a better understanding of what the term means. Here’s what I found: "The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing” … Continue reading How I Cleared My Writer’s Block