My RACI Is Not Your RACI

There are a number of traditional or classical project management tools which have held their popularity through the ages. This, despite having outlived their initial usefulness and utility over 75 years ago when: The world was less volatile, more stable, more certain, simpler and less ambiguous. The people doing the work were more compliant and … Continue reading My RACI Is Not Your RACI

How I Violated Self-Management

I love using pictures instead of words. Not just because of the old adage, A picture is worth a thousand wordsUnknown But also, because pictures enable people to convey meaning in psychologically unsafe environments. If I ask a brand new team of people including their management, “How did that <situation> make you feel?” Some may … Continue reading How I Violated Self-Management

The Colour of Meeting

One of the most common refrains that I hear when I help clients amp up their agility and ways of working is: “We don’t want more meetings!” Whether it’s Scrum events or Kanban cadences, the reaction is always the same. “We already have too many meetings” “When will we have time to do real work?” … Continue reading The Colour of Meeting

I Was Just Schooled In Coaching!

I love what I do as an Agile Coach. Helping others be the best they can be on their path towards agility is my passion. It fuels my continuous learning and desire to be the best version of myself as a coach. Reading or listening to books, taking courses, learning from my community, practicing, experimenting … Continue reading I Was Just Schooled In Coaching!

What Happens When Consultants Collide?

One of my most memorable Western films is the 1960’s “The Magnificent Seven” starring Yul Brynner. A poor Mexican village being terrorized by a gang of bandits, pools their money to recruit a cadre of seven gunslingers -for-hire to protect them. The movie tells the story of how these seven gunslingers bonded with each and … Continue reading What Happens When Consultants Collide?