Next Level Coach

When you have too many cooks in Hell’s Kitchen, you move them over to Next Level Chef. At e least that’s how I interpret what Gordon Ramsey did with those two shows.

So, what happens when there’s too many coaches in an organization?

You can…

  1. Reduce the number of agile coaches
  2. Introduce a hierarchy of agile coaches with
    • Experience denoting prefixes like Junior, Intermediate or Senior
    • Scope denoting prefixes like Team, Transformation or Enterprise
    • HR oriented suffixes like I, II or III
  3. Source new demand to absorb excess coaching capacity

What choice have you seen organizations make?

My preference would be #1 or #3.

I would avoid #2. Here’s why:

  1. It creates silos of contribution
  2. It promotes a class system
  3. It boxes in creativity and innovation
  4. It blinds people to the big picture
  5. It impedes the development of T-shaped people
  6. It feeds professional jealousy and animosity
  7. It harbours anger and resentment
  8. It erects walls and tears down bridges
  9. It stunts initiative
  10. It inhibits vulnerability

I prefer getting to my next level sans prefixes or suffixes.

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