Bruce Lee and Agile

When I discovered Agile ways of working and its related growth mindset, I started to see parallels between the martial arts and the Agile mindset. I knew Agile and especially Scrum and Kanban were heavily based on the Japanese Lean Thinking that evolved from the Toyota Production System (TPS). My martial arts background and specifically Karate elevated my understanding to the next level.

Will the Agile Enterprise Outpace the Lean Enterprise?

As more and more technology teams experience benefits with Agile ways of working, the Agile community and the organizations they serve are looking for the next frontier. Some have branded this as "Business Agility". Others have coined it the "Agile Enterprise". This is reminiscent of the leap from Lean Manufacturing to the "Lean Enterprise" in the 1990’s. A leap that’s still in mid-air with mixed results almost 30 years later.

Reality Is A Motley Crew

Hiring is the single most important thing you can do. Hiring is the key to awesome outcomes. Hire the best to be the best. Google, Spotify, Netflix, Valve and Zappos all subscribe to these mantras. For these companies, it’s clear they place a huge emphasis on vetting every single person who comes in the door and it doesn’t stop once they get in. A-list companies have no problem attracting A-team candidates even if they’re looking for CEO potential in every hire. What about everyone else?

Certified to Start

Within the Agile community there are those who obsessively collect certifications like stamps and those who love to hate on certifications like pariahs. In between, is everyone else trying to figure out why all the fuss. Here’s my personal opinion - certification is necessary but not sufficient. Let’s start peeling back the layers of the certification onion […]

Virtualizing Communications?

Have you ever felt like the universe was trying to tell you something? No matter which way you turned or what you did, you kept getting the same message everywhere? It all started with a colleague of mine sharing his experience over the weekend attending a virtual conference called The Remote Forever Summit 2018. A free, on-line conference dedicated to sharing experiences and knowledge to improve remote working environments in distributed teams and in organizations.