Ladders, Bridges and Lifelines

In my last post, I touched on ORSC's Third Entity as a tool to uncover and address the relationship gaps that can exist in an organization undergoing change. Gaps that include fuzzy reasons for change, lack of vision partnership and a status differential that perpetuates the hierarchical divisions between management, staff and the layers in between. Gaps that can impede, halt and even regress the progress and effectiveness of a system-wide change like moving to agile ways of working. But why do those gaps exist in the first place?

Walking A Mile In The Shoes Of The Third Entity

At a recent Agile coach retreat, thanks to Mike Kaufman, I was introduced to ORSC or Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. A model for coaching people, teams or organizations. Unlike one-on-one coaching, ORSC shifts the focus from an individual to the relationship systems that individual is part of. One of the concepts we learned was “The Third Entity”. […]