A Legacy of Butterflies

As Agile coaches and change agents, we often chat about what it takes for an Agile transformation to succeed and scale in an organization. At a macro level, culture change and management support are often cited as key enablers. Changing culture and management mindset takes a long time. If we were to look underneath that, what would we see at a micro level? At the level of each individual making up the culture of an organization? [...]

When Does Pride Become a Deadly Sin?

Pride is a double-edged sword. At it’s best, it leads to self-respect and camaraderie. At its worst, it harbors arrogance and segregation. Management especially is prone to the dark side of pride. As a traditional manager, I was rewarded for nerves of steel, grace under pressure and flawless execution. I often struggled with transparency of my thoughts and deeds when I didn’t have the answers. […]