The Death of Psychological Safety?

How will physical safety impact and affect the psychological safety equity built up over time within our teams? Will psychological safety become a casualty of physical safety? I had a chance to ask these questions and more at a recent virtual Toronto Open Space. I proposed a session titled “The Death of Psychological Safety” [...]

Who Has Seen the Animals?

“If a sea lion claps at the Bronx Zoo, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? There is plenty of time to ponder koans these days at the animal park, where the coronavirus pandemic has left the sea lions, and the rest of its roughly 6,000 creatures, without an audience.” (New York Times, “Coronovirus Live Updates: Global Cases Exceed 1 Million.” April 3, 2020)[...]

What Will Flow Look Like Post Pandemic?

“I thought I was playing unconscious, but Borg beat me 6-4, 7-6 tonight, and he is in what we call the zone. (That comes originally from “twilight zone” and translates, more or less, into “another world.”) The kid has no concept of what he is doing out there—he is just swinging away and the balls … Continue reading What Will Flow Look Like Post Pandemic?

When Will Chickens Become Pigs?

“When pigs fly.” According to Wikipedia, this phrase is known as an adynaton - a figure of speech so bizarre that it describes an impossibility. Here are some more examples of adynatons: “It’s raining cats and dogs” “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse” “If my significant other catches me, I’m dead!” All adynaton … Continue reading When Will Chickens Become Pigs?

What Kinda Feet Do You Have?

“It’s just basically a failure to adapt to the battlefield as the battlefield changes that has left us really flat-footed.” – David Fisman, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Toronto. During this protracted period of COVID-19, it goes without saying that we are living in interesting and uncertain times. Not only more so than ever before, … Continue reading What Kinda Feet Do You Have?

Is There Such a Thing as Over-Communicating?

“No fire fighter ever got criticized for using too much water” – Stephen Poloz. Like the tree that falls in the forest when nobody is around to hear it, if we speak into our microphones while we’re teleworking from home and nobody responds, did we actually say anything? Or, were we just on mute? 🤐 … Continue reading Is There Such a Thing as Over-Communicating?

6 Reasons Why Agile Ways Will Not Be A Casualty of COVID-19

The rainy day we’ve been saving up for has arrived. But, it’s turning into a monsoon of epic proportions. A global burning platform that’s bringing civilization to its knees. A loud and unmistakable punctuation point at the beginning of a new decade. It’s forcing all of us to take stock and stock up for what some believe is a clear and present apocalypse. Will Agile ways survive? [...}

What Happens When Transparency Starts to Slip Away?

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity” – Dalai Lama. When my kids were young, they had much to share whether I asked or not. Barely pausing to take a breath between sentences. Their run-on sentences describing the day’s events were kind of like a kaleidoscope of thoughts and … Continue reading What Happens When Transparency Starts to Slip Away?

Stop Asking Managers to Stop Managing

"You can tell a lot about a person by what's on their playlist" – Mark Ruffalo. Do you have agile managers? There’s an uneasiness in the Agile cosmos. I feel it every time I see the tentative look on the faces of managers supporting Agile ways of working. Most times, a “deer in the headlights” … Continue reading Stop Asking Managers to Stop Managing

The Merits of Open Space Thinking in Everyday Life

“New land is harsh, and vigorous, and sturdy. It scorns evidence of weakness. There is nothing of sham or hypocrisy in it. It is what it is, without an apology.” – J.E. Lawrence What is Open Space? The first time I attended an Agile community event using Open Space Technology, I remember thinking, “Wow! This … Continue reading The Merits of Open Space Thinking in Everyday Life