The Power of What Else?

Speech is silver, Silence is golden

– Arabic proverb.

In my travels, I’ve been exposed to a variety of different coaching stances, styles and schools of thought. Some resonate with me and some don’t. I’m especially partial to the “Silence is golden” school of thought.

As a result, one of my favourite coaching questions is, “What else?

Those two simple words enable me to…

  • Let go of agenda
  • Let go of prescription
  • Let go of problem-seeking solutions
  • Let go of talking
  • Let go of my ego

“What else?” is a portal to another’s reality, seeing the world through their eyes. Hearing their words verbatim. Experiencing what they feel. Connecting us in a shared moment.

Their answers to that simple query enables us to move…

  • From ivory tower assumptions to specificity and clarity
  • From a bold leap to a small step
  • From expert opinion to co-created hypotheses

A very wise person once told me,

People come with solutions

The coach’s challenge is to help people realize it.

Might asking “What else?” be a key to unlock those solutions?

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