Measure Twice, Cut Once?

Great advice when cutting a piece of lumber but life is not a piece of lumber. Nor are people.

Measuring my life at different times would’ve yielded different results.

What I sought when I was younger is no longer what I seek now. What cut it for me then, wouldn’t cut it for me now

People too, are not lumber.

Scientific approaches to management work well when harnessing the hands, arms and backs of people.

They fail when attempting to harness the minds and hearts of people.

What if…

We cut first, then measure?

We cut more than once?

Two concepts come to mind:

  1. The Build, Measure, Learn cycle from Eric Ries’ Lean Startup
  2. The Experience First, Then Explain approach to teaching from Mike Burrows

Both approaches favour cut first, then measure.

It’s kinda like…

The difference between waiting for the perfect conditions to do something and just doing it.

The difference between following the rules and testing the rules.

The difference between listening to the critics and silencing them.

The difference between following the status quo and blazing a new trail.

The difference between being like your idols and simply being you.

Measure twice, cut once?

Are you building a house or building lives?

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