Be Present

The Tampa Bay Lightning just won the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. They defeated the Dallas Stars in the best of seven finals series 4 games to 2. After 65 days being in the bubble, an interesting info graphic flashed up on the arena scoreboard during a break in action. It listed out imagined thoughts running through players’ minds during those 65 long days.

The list included,

  • What day is it?
  • Trust the plan
  • The Cup
  • Doubt creeping in
  • Pressure
  • Believe
  • Same food again
  • Stay present

“Stay present” caught my eye. Here’s why…

One of the consequences of the COVID induced isolation is the abundance of opportunity to pause and reflect. It’s as if the rat race and hamster wheel of life is running in slow motion enabling us to take a few extra breaths now and then in the comfort of our own homes. In my case, couple that with an increase in reading time and you have the makings of deep, cathartic reflection. One of the books I’ve recently read is Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”. An inquisitive and exploratory look at what is possible when we are fully present in the moment and accepting of what is. One of my favourite trains of thought that I’ve deduced from the book goes something like this:

  • When you think, you are not present
  • Being present means stillness of thought
  • Stillness is the absence of thinking and noise in our mind – the realm of “no mind”
  • “I am” represents a level of being beyond thinking – pure consciousness of the present
  • “I am” is a oneness with the universe – when thinking and the mind are not in control

So then, did René Descartes have it wrong when he said,

Cogito, ergo sum”?

(“I think therefore I am”)

Should it be

  • “I am, therefore I think”? or
  • “I’ve stopped thinking, therefore I am”? or
  • “I don’t think, therefore I am”? or
  • “I feel, therefore I am”? or
  • 🤔 ?

Was I even present when I deduced my train of thought?

One thing’s for sure. Hockey fans in Tampa are celebrating their present now!

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